Greyhound Rescue, Inc.

Serving; Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.

Flying Shelley ("Shelley") seems to be adjusting nicely in her new home. So nice to share space with a friend. 
Outdo ("Aldo") is so excited to have a new forever family to love him. He can't wait to meet Santa to thank him for granting his Christmas wish.
DKC Powerstroke is so happy to have found his forever home. And with a little person around, he can't wait for Santa!
DKC Automatic is raring to leave and head on down the forever home highway. What luck, a new puppy buddy to play with too.
Will Digger got his Christmas wish and can't wait to get in the car and head to his forever home.
Mind Blowing ("Milo") sent a photo so everyone could see his forever family. He is so happy he got his Christmas wish!
Tiny "MJR Julia" (now Jules) is beaming. Her foster family is now her forever family, and a sister to play with too! Jules says, life is greyt!
Handsome "Wiljac Johnny" with his forever family, wanted all his friends to see what retirement is like.
 "Wiljac Joshlinn" (Olive) is adjusting nicely in her new forever home. She's happy to have a brother to play with and show her the ropes.
Sweet little "Wild Lucy Lu" took time out to strike a pose with her new family.
What a silly boy, "Mohican Rock" was is in the car and ready go to his forever home before we barely got a photo.
"Wild Licky"  is so excited to have found her very own forever family.
"Dineroalf" is ready to hit the road to his forever home.
"Skate Pablo" is one happy boy!  He sent us a photo showing how happy he is in his forever home.
Gorgeous "MJR Angie" needed one more hug from her new Mom before heading to her forever home.
"Wiljac Bert" (Bert) was happy to find such a greyt forever home, and gets to share his life with his brother, "Wiljac Mr. T" (Jack.)  
"Jax Vera" wanted everyone to see her with her forever family. She is so happy to have a big sister to play with.
"Kelsos Magnifico" is one happy boy - no sooner did he arrive at our kennel, he had a forever home.
"Hallo Gator Eye" gets a few more hugs and cuddles before heading home with her new family.
What a happy day - "Will Betty" loves retirement and spending time with her forever family.
"Will Tickle" is one happy boy. He couldn't believe his luck. Within hours of arriving at the kennel, he found his forever family!
Sweet "BJ Taboo" was happy her name didn't scare adopters away . She found her forever home.
We're so excited - "Wiljac Sheba" just found a wonderful forever home!!
Look at that happy face... "Will Engineer" is so excited to begin his retirement with his new forever family!
Petite "Alto Kitkat" sent us a photo of her forever family. She has 2 brothers and a sister to play with. She's a happy girl and loves retirement!
What a happy boy. "Flat Out Qoolio" has his forever home and a sister too! Just in time for the Easter Bunny!! :)
YIPPEE!! "Kiowa Stay Near" gets one more hug before heading forever home.
Sweet "MJR Victoria" is ready to enjoy all the benefits of retirement with her new Daddy!
"Jax Whoopi" (now River) wanted us to see how happy she is with her new forever family.
"Flying Sooner" (Sooner) sent us this photo with her forever Dad!
Tiny "Gina's Loonie" (Loonie) is so happy to have a big brother to teach her the ropes in her new forever home.
Sweet little "Pepperoni Pizza" found her forever Mom & Dad.
"Rooftop Meltdown" (now Rufus) wanted everyone to see the best part of retirement. He's finally forever home.
Little "Malibu Tempo" found her forever family and is on her way home.